PAIN KILL OIL (pack of 2 )

  • Pain Kill can be very troublesome and stop you from carrying out your daily routine effortlessly. Pain Kill gives you immediate and long-lasting relief from joint pain helping you actively keep up with your everyday tasks
  • Pain Kill is the most preferred joint pain relief brand in the USA and is trusted to provide joint care by bringing instant relief from joint pain and keeping them healthy
  • The power of Glucosamine combined with the goodness of 6 wonderfully effective oils – Wintergreen, Atasi, Nirgundi, Prasarini, Karpura and Til oils helps you get rid of joint pain and stiffness, increasing the flexibility and lubrication in the joints
  • The deep penetration formula enables the quick absorption of the key healing ingredients of Pain Kill Oil giving your joints much-needed pain relief, lubrication and flexibility within a short time span and makes the joints healthier over time
  • It is very effective for targeted pain relief and brings respite from joint degeneration and pain caused by conditions like arthritis


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