Care Asthma is an ayurvedic solution ,Lung Detox for Smokers, Helps reduce Tar and Mucus, Reduces Bronchial Problems

  • Purifies & detoxes lung tissue damage due to pollution & soothes chest muscles
  • Provides relief from smoker’s cough
  • Makes lungs healthy & strong, increases oxygen supply, removes excess mucus, aids breathing
  • Beneficial in cold, cough, tonsils, sore throat & bronchial disorders
  • Assured quality from Nature Sure, trusted globally for its products made with 100% pure & top-grade ingredients at GMP- and ISO-certified units approved by  AYUSH

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Care asthma


Asthma is a condition in which the airway passage of the lungs gets infected. This makes air movement difficult. There are many reasons behind this allergy, cool air, heavy exercise, or some type of emotional stress. It mainly impacts the lungs and the passage in which air flows.

Asthma Symptoms


  • Cough: mainly it is severe at night, which makes sleeping difficult.
  • Wheezing: a whistling sound at the time of breathing
  • Chest Pain: a sensation of tightens or pressure in the chest region
  • Shortness of Breath

​Causes of Asthma


  • Genetics: Your inherited genetic makeup makes you prone to developing it.
  • Cold and flu: Infections like cold and flu also trigger
  • Allergens: Pollens, dust, chemical irritants, dust, mold, mites, etc. can be a trigger.
  • Exercise: Sometimes heavy exercise can also cause it.
  • Weather: Cold air, thunderstorms, wind, sudden temperature changes, humidity, and heat can be a trigger.
  • Emotions: Stress and laughter; both can be a trigger.

HOW TO USE Care Asthma Kit-:


  • 1 tablet twice a day after meals with 2 tablespoon Of Syrup In Night
  • ️ Do not consume on an empty stomach as the ingredients are better absorbed with food.
  • Include a lot of beetroot, pumpkin, and peppers in either lunch or dinner.
  • Eat fruits like Apple and blueberries on a daily basis.
  • Avoid smoking or breathing in polluted air.
  • ⏳ Continue for a minimum of 3 months


Care Asthma

is a perfect blend of modern research and ancient Ayurvedic heritage. It is developed from natural ingredients and helps strengthen the lungs without any side effects. A perfect solution for those who smoke frequently. It is also effective in immunizing the body from the polluted environment bringing in the goodness of nature and cleansing the deposited tar from the lungs thus reducing the damage caused to them. The package contains 2 bottles of syrup and 1 bottle of capsules.

6 reviews for Care Asthma is an ayurvedic solution ,Lung Detox for Smokers, Helps reduce Tar and Mucus, Reduces Bronchial Problems

  1. Paul

    The product is just excellent with the smoker’s like me and it has been beyond expectation on regularly using it and the support it provides to refresh the lungs, breathing, clearance of the TAR accumulation and clears the way to enjoy the healthy lungs.

  2. manpreet

    Delhi walo ke liye bahut badia hai. Pollution mei galla sukh jata hai. Isko peene se mujhe araam mila hai.

  3. rakesh

    I ordered this syrup for my baba. He has cough and congestion problem. Ab kaafi better hai.

  4. Saurav yadav

    One of the Best Syrup using since 2 years . In couple Of weeks start feeling the difference. Highly recommend.

  5. Ramesh Kumar

    Started showing result after finishing second bottle.

  6. aman kumar

    I am taking this since last 6 months and result is positive for me.

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